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Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 093-146 final batch

Lord Starfish
Lord Starfish

Torrent (720p)

Torrent (1080p)

Translation: Lord Starfish
Timing: Lord Starfish, Toa of Gallifrey
Editing: Puto
Various translation assistance: bluesun
Quality check: Toa of Gallifrey
Encoding: Puto
Special thanks: Akai, Licca, Josh, JulesMFinWinnfield, and everyone who tagged along for our release checks

Well, here we are. The final Sun & Moon release! As with the previous BD/WEB batches, each episode has been rechecked to iron out any translation errors, tighten up the editing, and fix inconsistencies. Since there were no Blu-ray releases for any episodes in this batch, they are exclusively sourced from Amazon; although footage from the international releases of episodes 122 and 139 was used since they received animation corrections. As with the Sun & Moon Episode 1-43 batch, this release does not use our updated translation standards, meaning this release still uses “Rocket Gang”, “Thunderbolt” and the like.

We’ll of course be continuing to release new episodes of the ongoing Pocket Monsters series as they come out, but we’ll also be diverting more attention to K-On now that we’re finished with Sun & Moon. We’ll also continue to lend our assistance to Team Jojo with the Part 5 Blu-ray batch, which remains in progress.