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New site!

So this is our first “official” post on what I’m calling Some-Stuffs 3.0. We decided to switch to WordPress since we wanted a simpler and more intuitive site without the fluff of the original one. Hopefully it will be just as easy to find things, but please let us know if you experience any issues or notice any errors. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “New site!

    • Unfortunately, no. MEGA changed the upload limit for free accounts, so we will no longer be uploading any of our releases to MEGA. The soon to be released DiU blu-ray batch will be torrent only.

        • Google Drive is no good since it also has a limit and the files will get taken down. Uptobox I would need to look into, but at this point we don’t feel like wasting our time maintaining DDL links since they never last.

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