Because One Stuff Isn't Enough


Note: All time frames listed below are EST unless stated otherwise.


Q: Can I use your subs for something?

A: Sure! We work on the projects we do for the good of the community, so please feel free to use our subs to translate into your native language, upload English-subtitled clips to video streaming services such as YouTube, use them in fandub projects, or whatever else you like. Credit is appreciated, though unnecessary.

Q: Will you sub (Insert project name here)?

A: Unless we were already considering it before you requested it, the answer is almost certainly no. We only work on shows and movies we collectively agree we want to do, so the only project requests we tend to take seriously are the ones that come from within our own team. It doesn’t hurt to bring a project to our attention, but just know that there’s virtually no chance we will actually do it.

Q: What is a torrent? It says “Download torrent” on Nyaa, but I just want to download the release.

A: A torrent is a file which connects your computer with others around the world who want to or have already downloaded the file(s) you want. You will need a torrent client for this. We recommend qBittorrent as a simple and reliable option. It is possible for your ISP to detect this and issue you a warning, but it is very unlikely anything will come of it. This varies by country, however, so use your better judgment when downloading torrents from anyone, not just us. If you want to be 100% safe, consider using a VPN.

Q: I can’t get any of your releases to play. What do I do?

A: There are many media players capable of playing our releases, though the only one we completely support is mpv. See the video playback guide in the Links section on the front page for help setting up additional user-friendly features.

Q: Are the contents of the site, Discord server, and IRC channel safe for work?

A: The site should generally be SFW, though shows such as Jojo and Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan are obviously 18+. Discord and IRC are very strictly 18+, however. If you stand the risk of being fired for viewing explicit images or messages during work hours, or are browsing with a child present, you would be wise to steer clear.

Q: What can I do to help you guys out?

A: Although it doesn’t actually help any process, telling people about us and kind words on Twitter, Discord, and our site are always appreciated.

Q: Why Some-Stuffs and not Some-Stuff?

A: During the planning stages of our first project, our original typesetter used the name “Some Scans” as a placeholder until we could up with a proper one. We liked it enough that we wanted to make it our actual name, but decided to make it “Some-Stuff” since we also planned to eventually fansub anime. However, the domain was taken at the time we were creating the site, so we lazily tacked on the "s" at the end at the last minute, and the rest is history.


Q: When will the next episode of Jojo be released?

A: Our aim is to release each episode within two weeks of its simulcast release. This is to ensure we can keep the translation/script quality high and not spend as much time making revisions down the line for the eventual blu-ray batch.

Q: Would you guys consider releasing each episode with just name changes first?

A: No, it isn’t necessary. There are other individuals who do just this. Search for Jojo on Nyaa and you’ll find them.

Q: Why don’t you guys typeset the sound effects?

A: It would take way too long and is beyond the skill level of our typesetter. Our focus is on editing and we don’t feel like delaying the episode for something that isn’t necessary to the viewing experience. One thing that’s helpful to know is that in addition to the sound effect appearing on screen, the actual sound it would make plays at the same time, so you aren’t missing anything by being unable to read them. They’re there to add visual flair.

Q: Why is the Part 1+2 batch batch listed as “old”?

A: Since parts of Part 1 and 2 do not match our current standards, we decided to label it this way so people are aware that we’ll eventually be redoing both parts. However, we realize people may still want the episodes from us in the meantime. Just keep in mind we were inexperienced at the time we began subbing Jojo and did not have rigorous quality assurance practices in place like we do now.

Pocket Monsters:

Q: When will the next episode of Pokémon be released?

A: Typically less than 24 hours after it airs in Japan. If you want to know immediately when we’ve released each episode, follow us on Twitter.

Q: How do you guys release each episode so fast?

A: The main reason is that our team has a lot of experience in the fansubbing community. Most of us have been doing fansubs for over five years, so we’ve long since worked out any kinks that would slow down most new groups. The other reason is that we don’t spend a lot of time doing in-depth script editing, so our subs are essentially a quickly polished up raw translation. We do this to avoid the spread of poorly translated and edited subs for the benefit of the community.

Q: Will you ever re-release episodes with more in-depth editing?

A: Yes, the episodes released on day one are simply the first pass, and we do intend to go back and update them with improved translations and editing later on.

Q: Will you sub promo material, the movies, or past Pokémon series?

A: We usually won’t sub promo material, but movies and previous series aren’t off the table. If we feel there’s a need for it and our team is interested, we’ll do it. That said, as of the time of writing this, we have subbed all the movies we as a team were interested in working on, and we are currently uninterested in subbing any past series.

Q: Do you plan to sub future Pokémon series after Pocket Monsters 2019?

A: Although we won’t commit to anything at this time, we see no reason to stop when the time comes.