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Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 09: The Run

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Translation: Daxing Dan

Typesetting: The0x539, Gyro

Timing/Encoding/Release Check: Gyro

Editing/Release Check: Josh

Translation Check/Release Check: Lord Starfish

Quality Check: Gyro, Axelstone007, Toa of Gallifrey, JulesMFinWinnfield

Special Thanks: MistaL and the crew at JJCA, Billguncrash

2 thoughts on “Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 09: The Run

  1. Awesome episode and top-quality work on it! Pretty amazing how a loosely-related offshoot of a series produces content on par with some of the old-time OVA classics like Petshop of Horrors. JJBA’s trademark flamboyance really works well for this genre.

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