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Regarding Pocket Monsters 2019 Episode 1

Normally we wouldn’t respond to situations like this, but the community’s reaction to the whole Amazon raw fiasco has been very disappointing for us. We didn’t initially use the Amazon raw since we didn’t expect it to be released so quickly and had already timed the episode to the AniTV raw. Likewise, we didn’t release the episode in 1080p for the V2 since we’ve never done that for individual episodes before and the tradeoff between file size and quality weighed heavily in favor of reducing the file size. We were not aware that the VBR encode was significantly smaller at the time, either.

We’re open to feedback and have clearly seen there is a desire for us to release in 1080p, but the way the community has communicated this to us has been, for the most part, toxic and hurtful. We’re volunteers who work on projects for the good of the community and ask nothing in return. In fact, we encourage people to repurpose our work if they feel they have something to add or change that we aren’t doing. It’s been incredibly discouraging to have seen this much negativity right off the bat, so just know that we’re real people and are affected by your comments, good and bad. We’re going to continue subbing Pocket Monsters 2019 and listening to your feedback, so I would just like to thank everyone who has been supportive of us starting this series.

-Josh, Owner of Some-Stuffs

15 thoughts on “Regarding Pocket Monsters 2019 Episode 1

  1. It’s unfortunate that many people don’t seem to have the ability to give feedback without being an ass about it.

    Thank you for your work, and keep it going!

  2. Thanks a lot for the kind words, everyone! The positivity we’ve seen today has really improved our spirits. We can’t wait to see what happens next with Satoshi and co.!

  3. “We’re volunteers who work on projects for the good of the community and ask nothing in return.”
    Why don’t you start Patreon or Ko-fi for collect funds for activities?
    Maybe all of we want to support for some-stuffs

  4. Your work is top notch and I always look forward to your subs every week. I’m sorry some people are being shitty but know there’s a ton of us out here who are super grateful for all the hard work you put in. Thanks so much!

  5. lets be honest here… it doesn’t matter if you guys upload 1080p or not, if they want 1080 go buy it on blu ray when it gets released like you guys do this for free for the REAL fans.. not for ungrateful people. So i hope their comments don’t effect you guys to badly because i’ve been so thankful for your work up to date. Love everything with you guys. GOOD JOB.

    and you people who want 1080p if u can’t do it. no need to off load your stupid comments cause you haters.. are really ungrateful.

  6. Thank you for all you do – I’m so glad to have a reliable subber for Pokemon! For the awful people being awful, shame on you >: (

  7. I’m soooo sorry to hear this. I know very well how toxic the fanbase can be, but rest assured that the quiet majority is totally supportive. For this reason I’m making this first comment to show you that we do appreciate your work.

  8. I can’t believe some guys always find a way to complain about the quality of the service teams like you offer to the fans.
    I’m not the kind of guy who usually comment everything on internet but this attitude is so outrageous that I cannot say a few words to your team and contribute to the good vibes around here.
    I don’t know you for a very long time (since Jojo part 5 actually) but I want to truly congratulate you for your wonderful work.
    It is so nice that I finally decided to connect again with the anime part of Pokémon. The 7th is one of my favourite gen ever, and I want to thank you again for contributing to this feeling by sharing top notch quality files and translation.

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