Because One Stuff Isn't Enough

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 93-146 batch


Completely forgot to share this here. Figured I probably should.

Lord Starfish: Translation, Typesetting, Quality Check, Timing
Puto: Editing, Encoding
Licca: Timing
Toa of Gallifrey: Quality Check
bluesun: Song Translation, Translation Assistance

Special thanks: shirt.js, JulesMFinWinnfield, Gyro

1 thought on “Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 93-146 batch

  1. F the haters! You guys are awesome and appreciated! There’s no reason to offer any type of hate on something that’s done for free and by volunteers. Suggestions are one thing, but toxic comments are unwarranted. You guys rule and I guarantee those that appreciate you far outweigh the vocal minority of those who don’t. TL;DR – Thank you for your hard work. You are appreciated!

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