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Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 001-043 batch

Lord Starfish
Lord Starfish

Torrent (720p)

Torrent (1080p)

Translation: Lord Starfish
Timing: Lord Starfish, Licca
Editing: Puto
Translation check: Xemnas
Various translation assistance: bluesun
Quality check: Toa of Gallifrey
Encoding: Puto

This has been a long time coming; we’ve spent about a year and a half chipping away at this project all said and done. We were able to use Blu-Ray raws for the 43-92 batch, but for this release we were only able to source five Blu-Ray episodes (And not even five sequential episodes). Aside from these five, the rest are sourced from Amazon.

That said, this is the final version of these episodes we intend to release. We’ve meticulously checked everything again and again to minimize mistakes and keep every aspect of the release as consistent as possible. As such, this batch uses our old standards for translating attack names, as well as referring to Musashi and Kojiro as “the Rocket Gang.”

So, where do we go from here? Well, we’re obviously going to keep releasing new episodes of PM19 every week. The final third of Sun & Moon is also getting another look before we’ll consider ourselves done with it once and for all. Unfortunately, it’s looking like we won’t get any Blu-Ray footage for any of it, but rest assured that it will still be released in 1080p (Albeit only using Amazon footage). Work on that batch has been done concurrently with this one, and as of posting this we have more or less finalized scripts up to episode 110. Expect that batch to come out in the next few months.

Other than that, Toa and I have also started on a brand new project entirely unrelated to anything Some-Stuffs has done before. I was going to be all secretive about it, but since I’ve been talking about it openly on our Discord, I suppose that would be entirely pointless, so… It’s K-On. Why? Because I rewatched the show a few months back, found myself loving it far more than I did the first time, and also finding the existing sub options to be lacking. And, since it was also one of Toa’s favorite shows, making our own sub was a no-brainer. We’ve decided to take our time with it since it’s an older series, so chances are we won’t be releasing it until early next year at soonest. No promises, but fingers crossed.

Huge thanks to Puto, Toa of Gallifrey and bluesun, without whom this definitely would not have ended up as good as it did.

-Lord Starfish, lead translator and self-proclaimed team leader on the Some-Stuffs Pokémon team