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Pocket Monsters Movie 03 – Entei – Emperor of the Crystal Tower


Lord Starfish: Translation Check, Timing, Quality Check

Toni: Editing, Quality Check

Puto: Editing, Typesetting

Xemnas: Translation Check

Special Thanks: Generation neXt

Our second Pocket Monsters movie release. Unlike the Lugia film which had terrible pre-exisiting subs that forced us to start from scratch, the GX_ST translation was at the very least possible to work with, and so we used it as a base for this heavily edited version here.

We’re still undecided if we’ll be doing any more movies in the future, though members of our group have shown interest in a few of them. The next Pocket Monsters film, Everyone’s Story, is being released in Japanese cinemas around the time of posting this, but we haven’t yet decided if we’re going to sub it. Follow us on Twitter for further updates.

4 thoughts on “Pocket Monsters Movie 03 – Entei – Emperor of the Crystal Tower

    • Well, the mindset behind that was that we expected PM-Subs to have it out by March or April and so we figured us doing it was pointless… Obviously we were wrong there, but there is a sub out by SOSSubs which, while I disagree with some of their stylistic choices (Specifically, attack names are in ALL CAPS) and the lyrics to the ending theme have some pretty obvious errors in them, the actual dialogue translation itself is solid.

      • Thanks for the response. Yeah, I remembered PM was doing it, but time passed and nothing happened. Well, I have faith PM will release it one day. Just hoping you guys will do Minna no Monogatari.

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