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Part 5 Announcement and Part 4 blu-ray batch update

Hey guys, long time no talk! So as I’m sure many of you have already heard, the Part 5 anime has finally been confirmed and will begin airing this October! We’re extremely excited it’s finally happening, and yes, to work on it weekly. As of today, I can confirm we WILL be subbing the entire Part 5 anime, as well as releasing a blu-ray batch for it when the time comes. And speaking of blu-ray batches, the Part 4 one is running a bit late, but I can assure you it is being worked on and very nearing completion. As of right now, 22 of the 39 episodes are 100% completed, and the rest just need final checks done before we’re ready to release. As we previously outlined, life takes top priority for us, so we can’t always do things as fast as we’d like. However, we’re still just as passionate as ever about all things Jojo and can’t wait to bring you guys Part 5. So until next time, arrivederci!

15 thoughts on “Part 5 Announcement and Part 4 blu-ray batch update

  1. Awesome, thank you guys!

    Now to decide whether I want to subject myself to the torture of the weekly format or wait for the ultimate BD marathon experience with Part 5…

  2. Just curious, we’re getting an early preview of Episode 1 of Part 5 on July 5th. Will you be subbing the preview episode in July? Or will you be waiting for the full series start in October to begin subbing the Part? Either way I’m looking forward to the Part and your subs of it! 🙂

    • Depends on whether it’s released online or not. As far as I can tell it’s exclusively being screened with English subs at Anime Expo, so if cam rips of that event are all that’s available, we won’t use it. We’ll begin working on episode 1 as soon as a decent rip with English subs is available.

      • Sounds good! My understanding was it’s airing on TV in Japan on July 5th, while it’s screening at a US con on July 7th. So I imagine we’ll get TV rips around the 5th. I could walwas be wrong though lol

    • Definitely. It’s a bit behind schedule, but only 10 more episodes need to be finalized and it will be ready for release. My guess is it will be out by late August at the absolute latest, but I think it will be well before then.

      • Thank you for your hard work! I’m marathoning JoJo as a first timer currently and having your subs on 1080bd instead of 720 (or god forbid Crunchyroll) will be fantastic. I’m nearly done JJBA 2012 so there’s a good chance you’ll have finished it once I finish Stardust Crusaders Pt. 1 and 2. Again, thank you for all your hard work.

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