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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 39 (Final)


Gyro: Quality Check, Typesetting, Timing, Encoding

Josh: Editing

Lord Starfish: Translation Check, Timing, Release Check

AxelStone007: Release Check


This isn’t the first time I’ve written a farewell Jojo message, nor will it be the last, but each time I do, I feel a renewed sense of sadness and relief as if it’s the first time I’ve done it all over again. Sadness that our work is done, but relief that we’ll be able to catch a bit of a break before beginning work on the blu-ray batch. For the last few weeks I’ve struggled to figure out what I would say here in this post, but it’s only now at 8:00 AM on August 8th after finishing editing episode 39 that I feel like I’ve finally found the words. As always, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the work of my fellow Some-Stuffs team members. Even above being a joy to work with, I consider them all best friends and some of the best people I’ve ever known. I would particularly like to thank Lord Starfish, JulesMFinWinnfield, and AxelStone007 for joining us on Part 5. Their contributions have helped push the quality of our subs higher than ever before, and for that I am extremely grateful. I would also be remiss not to thank longtime contributors Gyro and Xemnas for sticking around for the last 6+ years on Jojo. I say this every time, but you guys are awesome and I couldn’t do this without you.

I would also like to thank our viewers, old and new, for sticking with us through Golden Wind. Though it’s plain to see we aren’t releasing episodes as fast as we used to, Golden Wind marked the first time where we subbed a part of Jojo while all of us held down full time jobs. It’s been a challenging experience to say the least, but I’m proud of the work we’ve managed to put out without compromising our real life obligations. We’re more committed than ever to continue subbing Jojo, and I don’t see anything ever changing that. Though normally I would end things off by detailing our plans for the blu-ray batch, I’m going to wait a little bit to do that since I really want our plans to be known and not buried in my farewell message. So I suppose that’s it, then. A vast ocean stands between us and Part 6, but we hope we’ll see you all on the other side. Arrivederci.

19 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 39 (Final)

  1. Hot damn… thanks so much guys for your superb work subbing this series.

    While I cannot wait to see part 6 I do hope you guys will get some time to relax as you guys have definitely deserved it.

    Till then… ari-ari-ari-ari-arrivederci!

  2. Gods bless the lot of you for your magnificent work on all of the JoJo series. I’ve been watching your subs for years now and can’t tell you how much joy you’ve brought to me through your effort and dedication. Thank you so much for it all and I’ll be waiting in the wings eagerly for when Stone Ocean starts to air.

  3. Thanks for the great work!

    I’m still waiting on the Bluray rips to start watching. Any prediction on that release from you guys?

    • Late 2020 as of right now. I know that’s a pretty long way off, but we’re trying to be realistic and made a schedule we can stick to so it’s not as delayed as Diamond is Unbreakable was.

  4. Thanks a lot for the whole thing!

    As a side note, do you guys have any plans on finishing up drifters or maybe doing that ova of it that came out fairly recently?
    Anyway, love all the work you did, thanks again.

    • I ended up talking to Gyro, and we decided that we should just officially drop the project. So no, we’re not. Sorry 🙁

  5. (mygrammarsucks) Still can’t believe that Golden Wind is finally over. Even after several days after the last episode, me and my family always talking about it non-stop. Your subs are our favorite (Idk what fonts you guys used, but they’re so nice to read). And every time you guys update, my little bro will get so excited. This past few months has been a really great time. I can’t watch JoJo on Crunchyroll because they can’t stream it on our region (and somehow, my Wi-Fi (?) can’t really use VPN properly). Animax is going to air them on 19 August. But they’re definitely going to censor a lot of things. So your site is a literal blessing!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all the good works! Million kudos for all of you! 🙂 <3

  6. Hi I’m just wandering what font you use in the opening. I really like it and I would want to use it in some projects

    • We will indeed be doing the Blu-rays, and that release will be available in 1080p. Don’t expect that until sometime late next year, though; Since the BDs are meant to be the definitive, final version, we absolutely don’t want to rush it, and we’ve set a work schedule for them specifically meant to prevent burnout. (Diamond is Unbreakable’s BDs did not have such a schedule, and that ended up taking two and a half years as a result.)

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