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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Blu-ray Batch (720p & 1080p)

Torrent (720p) / Torrent (1080p)

Gyro: Quality Check, Typesetting, Timing, Encoding

Toni: Editing, Release Check

Xemnas: Song translations, Translation Check

JulesMFinWinnfield: Quality Check (24), Military Terminology Assistance

Special Thanks: Stark, Lord Starfish, Shanked

The time has finally arrived! The Diamond is Unbreakable blu-ray batch is here! This release has been a REALLY long time in the making, and I am so happy to finally be sharing it with the world. Although we’re releasing it much later than originally planned, I’m glad to have it out before Part 5 begins airing this October. As we’ve stated in the past, real life obligations have become much more pressing since we began working on Jojo, but we’re still just as passionate as ever about working on it. As you can probably guess, this can and will have an effect on the Part 5 TV airing for us. Our goal is to release every episode within a few days of airing, but it may take longer depending on our schedules. We’ll do the best we can and supply updates as needed.

Anyway, some thanks are in order! Once again I must thank Fadeout4 and Xemnas for their tireless commitment to working on Jojo. All three of us have been subbing Jojo since we released episode 1 of Phantom Blood over five years ago, and I truly could not do this without them. They’ve been amazing to work with through good times and bad, and I wouldn’t want anyone else but them by my side. I also have to thank cakeman for both creating and hosting the new site we’ve been using for the past several months. He’s been a major help to our community and has taken a lot of pressure off my shoulders by doing what he’s done. We would be without a site right now if it wasn’t for him. And lastly, I would like to thank the other various people who have helped us over the years, both credited and uncredited in this post. The work you’ve done has made this release that much better, and I seriously appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. It’s been a really community effort, and I thank all of you for taking part in it.

Finally, the last bit of business to go over is future plans. The Rohan OVA should be coming out in the next few weeks if all goes well. This time we’re doing a full collaboration with JJCA, so it will be coming out much sooner than it otherwise would thanks to them. And as we’ve already stated, we are going to release Part 5 both as it airs on TV and as a final blu-ray batch torrent in both 720p and 1080p. More info on that will be revealed as we get more information, but we’ll hopefully have it out before the heat death of the universe (Probably sooner). With that said, thank you all for reading my message, and enjoy this long-awaited release!

55 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Blu-ray Batch (720p & 1080p)

  1. Yeah its finally here! Just a few questions, when can we expect the mega uploads to come out and will the rohan ovas be in full 1080p? i cant seem to find any copies of both episodes over 720p though. Thanks for all the hard work!

    • No MEGA uploads from us anymore due to their extreme upload limit for new users. Rohan will be DVD quality like the last one, unfortunately.

  2. Oh wow, even sooner than expected! Goodbye work, I guess.

    Is the show native 1080p, or will 720p suffice?

    Many thanks!

      • I actually did a side-by-side comparison, and the difference between the two versions boil down to bitrate. At nearly no point I compared the 1080p version had more detail or significantly sharper lines. The 720p version didn’t have line clipping nor any sort of moire patterns, so it should be safe to say that the smaller version is sufficient. If you don’t care about file size, though, by all means, I won’t dissuade you from archiving 1080p or even a BD remux.

  3. “Ladies and gentlemen… We got em!” Congratulations guys! Thanks for all of your hard work, also looking forward to that Rohan OVA too! (Btw where did you get that Diamond is Unbreakable logo?)

  4. Thank you from Italy! I already watched the BD Version of Part 4, but your work is always the best. I’m going to delete the one I have downloaded before and I’ll store and rewatch this one. I’ll continue supporting your future Pokémon and Jojo releases!

  5. I wish there was a MEGA or Google Drive version… I really don’t like Torrenting…

    Oh well, I’ll eventually pick up the Japanese Blu-rays, so if you guys didn’t alter the timings, they would work fine with my own rips I’d make.

  6. My last comment didn’t send for some reason so i will say it again sorry. When can we expect the Mega uploads and will the Rohan ovas be in 1080p?

  7. You guys are the absolute best. You guys put in as much care into the show as David Prod. does, and I’m very grateful for it. Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to Part 5!

  8. Is there anywhere these episodes will be uploaded for streaming? I’d like to be able to watch them on my phone ♡

  9. Hey guys episode 6 and 11 of Jojo’s 1080p MEGA is not accessible would you be able to update it? Thanks for everything.

  10. can you give us a link for the subs flies plz? because most of us already have the br ver of it but with the shitty subs 🙁

  11. hello, i downloaded this and i cant seem to play it? how do i fix this problem? i’m new to using torrents and stuff btw

  12. What’s the difference of this to [Some-Stuff]_Jojo’s_Bizarre_Adventure_Diamond_is_Unbreakable [TV-UnOfficialBatch]?

    • The main difference is with the scripts. We’ve updated all of them to fix typos/grammatical mistakes, continuity errors, and general improvements to the writing quality. I’m assuming that batch is our scripts from the TV version put on blu-ray quality raws.


    Is anyone else having trouble with Episode 3? It freezes on the intro sequence, but can be fixed by skipping ahead, but I’ve also noticed some artifacts and stuff.

    • It’s likely the video player you’re using. A few people have reported that issue using VLC and some other players. We personally recommend MPC through CCCP or PotPlayer.

  14. I was mainly interested in some animation improvements and removal of edited scenes over the TV version, like with Stardust Crusaders. Thanks

  15. I just noticed an error in the script of DU episode 2 at around 19:01. I believe the line should be Josuke saying he’s going to fix the wall he just smashed a hole into.

  16. Thanks so much, just finished the season and the subs were a joy! I really liked the subtitle fonts and colors, especially in the Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town OP for example

  17. Is there a way to get it on a website that isn’t a torrent?

    Most people can’t use torrents because of their ISPs.

  18. Thanks! I need to convert this to MP4 to be able to play on my phone so I can watch while I’m on my lunch break, but I can’t seem to convert it while keeping the subs. Is there any way to extract the sub file so I can re-import it?

    • Yeah, AegiSub can do that fairly easily. Here’s what you do.
      In AegiSub, choose the “Open Subtitle” option, and select whichever episode you want to extract the subtitles to. The program might take a few seconds to read the subtitles but it shouldn’t be a big deal. Then just save the file. Not sure how you’d go from there to actually getting the subtitles in your finished mp4 though…

      …And honestly, an easier solution would probably be to just get the VLC app for your phone. That one will play our files with subtitles as-is. (Though it might not display everything PERFECTLY… But the actual dialogue should show up just fine.)

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