Because One Stuff Isn't Enough


Note: All time frames listed below are EST unless stated otherwise.


Q: I can’t get the episode to play. What do I do?

A: There are two good ways to play our episodes. The easiest way is to simply install CCCP. However, if you want the best video quality possible, then install KCP instead. Just be warned KCP is not friendly to older computers. If you’re not on Windows, I would suggest using VLC or downloading our episodes from Deadfish since they re-encode them to MP4, which should play on almost anything.


Q: The font for your releases is way too big. What’s going on?

A: This can happen depending on the video player you’re using. The only player we officially support is MPC with either CCCP or KCP installed. Playing the episode through VLC should fix any issues. Links for all of these in the above question.


Q: Do you guys have an IRC bot?

A: Unfortunately, no. The guy who originally created the bots has been gone for a long time, and as such we have no way of getting them back online.


Q: When will the next Jojo blu-ray volume be released?

A: We will not be releasing individual blu-ray volumes, only batches. These will be released as soon as they are done.


Q: Why do you guys take so much longer than Horriblesubs?

A: Our group puts a lot of effort into polishing the scripts from the official releases. Crunchyroll and Funimation tend to release very blandly edited subtitles with minor errors here and there, so our goal is to release more polished releases for the shows we like. Further delays can also arise from our staff members being busy or unavailable.


Q: Is it possible for you guys to release a script for Jojo with just the names changed and nothing else?

A: No, but it’s easy enough to download Horriblesubs’ release and modify their subs yourself. Open the episode you want to edit in Aegisub, then from the File menu, select “Open Subtitles from Video.” After you’ve edited the script, save the subtitle file in the same folder as you’re video without altering its name. Assuming you’re using MPC for video playback, the subtitle file will take precedent over the subs in the video. MKVmerge will allow you to put the subtitle file in the video container itself if desired, but this isn’t neccessary.


Q: Why don’t you guys do karaoke?

A: We just don’t like it. Although karaoke by itself is fine, we don’t feel it has a place in our releases.


Q: Why don’t you guys typeset the sound effects in Jojo?

A: It would take way too long and is beyond the skill level of our typesetter. Our focus is on editing and we don’t feel like delaying the episode for something that isn’t necessary to the viewing experience. One thing that’s helpful to know is that in addition to the sound effect appearing on screen, the actual sound it would make plays at the same time, so you aren’t missing anything by being unable to read them. They’re there to add visual flair.


Q: I would like to help you guys out. What can I do?

A: Although it doesn’t actually help any process, telling people about us and kind words on Twitter or our site are always appreciated.


Q: I would like to help on the fansubbing side. What can I do there?

A: At the moment, not much. We run a tight ship and don’t require the assistance of anyone else. If you have a strong grasp of Japanese (Enough to watch Jojo without subtitles) you may be able to help though. Join our IRC channel if you’re capable.


Q: How long do you guys plan to work on Jojo?

A: As long as we have the time. Unfortunately, subbing Jojo each week requires a significant amount of time and effort each week, and we have no way of knowing what our schedules will look like in the future. But rest assured, we are very enthusiastic about continuing to work on Jojo and won’t stop subbing it unless absolutely necessary.


Q: Is the content of the site, Discord server, and IRC channel safe for work?

A: The site should generally be SFW, though shows such as Jojo are obviously 18+. Discord and IRC are very strictly 18+, however.. If you stand the risk of being fired for viewing explicit images or messages during work hours, or are browsing with a child present, you would be wise to steer clear.


Q: Will Jojo be spoiled for me here or on IRC?

A: Only content covered by the David Production anime will be spoiled for you. We want to encourage people to discuss the latest episode of Jojo while it’s airing, which means anything from previous parts is fair game to bring up. However, at no point will manga spoilers be tolerated. Spoiling past where the anime is at will result in you being banned both all official Some-Stuffs forums. If you haven’t read the manga and are caught up with the anime, you won’t need to worry about spoilers.


Q: What constitutes a Jojo spoiler?

A: Any information a viewer who is caught up with the anime wouldn’t be privy to. This includes character names and any info about them, Stand names and their abilities, story developments, plots for future parts, character deaths (or lack thereof), old characters returning in future parts, and just about anything else. There are plenty of other places to discuss the manga freely, so please be considerate of the people in our channel who wish to remain unspoiled. If you’re unsure if something you want to say constitutes a spoiler, please PM Toni, Fadeout4, or Jules and they will happily tell you if it’s okay or not.


Q: Why isn’t there a Jojo Part 1/2 batch?

A: Since parts of Part 1 and 2 do not match our current high standards, we’ve decided not to release a batch unless we rework every episode at a later point in time. You can find an unofficial batch on BakaBT, however. Just keep in mind we were still getting our feet wet and the editing and general quality control aren’t nearly as good as in those episodes as they are now.


Q: Did you guys scanlate manga before?

A: Yes, a very long time ago. You can check out which contains all of our old releases. Black Jack can be found here. Although we haven’t officially given up on doing future projects, Jojo is our current priority.