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Regarding Pocket Monsters 2019 Episode 1

Normally we wouldn’t respond to situations like this, but the community’s reaction to the whole Amazon raw fiasco has been very disappointing for us. We didn’t initially use the Amazon raw since we didn’t expect it to be released so quickly and had already timed the episode to the AniTV raw. Likewise, we didn’t release the episode in 1080p for the V2 since we’ve never done that for individual episodes before and the tradeoff between file size and quality weighed heavily in favor of reducing the file size. We were not aware that the VBR encode was significantly smaller at the time, either.

We’re open to feedback and have clearly seen there is a desire for us to release in 1080p, but the way the community has communicated this to us has been, for the most part, toxic and hurtful. We’re volunteers who work on projects for the good of the community and ask nothing in return. In fact, we encourage people to repurpose our work if they feel they have something to add or change that we aren’t doing. It’s been incredibly discouraging to have seen this much negativity right off the bat, so just know that we’re real people and are affected by your comments, good and bad. We’re going to continue subbing Pocket Monsters 2019 and listening to your feedback, so I would just like to thank everyone who has been supportive of us starting this series.

-Josh, Owner of Some-Stuffs

Our Plans for Golden Wind 38 and 39

As many of you are probably aware by now, episodes 38 and 39 of Golden Wind are going to be slightly delayed. The two will be airing together on July 28th, three weeks after episode 37. As nothing like this has ever happened with Jojo before, I’d like to let you all know how we plan to handle the situation in advance to avoid confusion.

Our goal is to release both episodes separately within the span of a week. 38 will probably come out in the middle of the week, and 39 will follow a few days after. We’ll be working on both episodes concurrently, but we won’t be holding back 38. We think this makes most sense since the final two episodes probably aren’t any more connected than any of the previous episodes. Furthermore, this delay won’t affect our projected release of the Golden Wind blu-ray batch. Our plan is still to release that by the end of 2020. Unless we will be significantly delayed, we won’t be posting any updates on the batch progress in a formal capacity. We may offer some updates on our Discord server, but please don’t join the server just to ask about our progress. And finally, 36 should be coming out as normal within the next few days. Thanks for reading!

Drifters Update

Hey guys, since Toni recently posted an update for the status of the Part 4 blu-rays, I thought I would post one for Drifters as well since people have been asking about it.
As we’ve mentioned before, Jojo will always be our main priority. I’m sure many of you have seen us release Pokémon episodes over the last few months, but those are being worked on by a completely different team. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of Drifters. In addition to timing, typesetting, and encoding Drifters, I also edit it. I do the same work on Jojo, only I QC rather than edit.
Back when we started Drifters, I had a lot more free time and wanted to pick it up as a side project since I really like the series, and still do. But now with more real life obligations, all of my free time for fansubbing has gone into Jojo. I’m sorry we haven’t finished the Drifters BDs, but know that at some point I fully intend to come back to it. It obviously won’t be anytime soon, but we definitely haven’t dropped it. Hopefully this clears things up, but please ask any questions you have if you aren’t sure of something.

New site!

So this is our first “official” post on what I’m calling Some-Stuffs 3.0. We decided to switch to WordPress since we wanted a simpler and more intuitive site without the fluff of the original one. Hopefully it will be just as easy to find things, but please let us know if you experience any issues or notice any errors. Thank you!