Because One Stuff Isn't Enough

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode #2: Mutsukabe Hill


Gyro: Quality Check, Typesetting, Timing, Encoding

Toni: Editing, Release Check

Lord Starfish: Translation Check, Release Check

Xemnas: Translation Check

Special Thanks: Daxing Dan, MistaL, MusicEdge, Stark

9 thoughts on “Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode #2: Mutsukabe Hill

    • No, it is *genuinely* impossible. The movie was never released on any kind of home media, or even shown on TV. It had a very poorly received run in Japanese cinemas and after that it was never seen again, and now the company that made it doesn’t even exist anymore. It is 100% a piece of Lost Media. No possible way for us to get it.

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