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Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 91


Translation/Typesetting: Lord Starfish

Editing: CaseyJones

Timing: BYH

4 thoughts on “Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 91

  1. @Lord Starfish: I remember you from yibis One Piece fansub group. Any idea if that group might return some day, or if you are teaming up with someone else to give us some quality One Piece subs :)? There are currently 2 groups doing OP, Hatsuyuki and SanZoro, but both have been stalled for quite a few months now, and I’d love to see someone experienced make a return to save the day 🙂

    • Yibis is 100% dead, I’m afraid. For the simple reason that we couldn’t get any new members who met our quality standards, and the members that were left either lost all motivation to work on it, or real life got in the way to the point where they no longer had time. While I’m certainly not happy that there’s essentially no quality subs left for One Piece, at the same time I don’t really feel any motivation to do anything about it because, well, I just haven’t actually ENJOYED the One Piece anime in years. In fact I haven’t even WATCHED anything past the last episode that Yibis released, outside of like two or three episodes because I was curious as to how they’d handle certain moments.

      • Pretty much on point with what I’d speculated, unfortunately 🙁 It’s sad to see such a dedicated quality group get disbanded, but alas it was inevitable. I understand your point of view about the anime, as it really IS dragged out and suffers from slow pacing, but the epic moments and the plot make up for it, imo. Do you know of anyone who still might be interested in working on One Piece? Getting a group together, or have a joint project with the existing groups, would really be an invaluable favor to those of us who’re still waiting for quality subs before ever succumbing to HS/CR 🙂

        Thanks for actually replying, it really fills a void and brings closure!

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