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Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 44-92 BD batch

Torrent (720p)

Torrent (1080p HEVC)

Lord Starfish: Translation, Typesetting, Timing, Quality Check
Puto: Editing, Encoding
Xemnas: Translation Check
Josh: Editing assistance
Toa of Gallifrey: Quality Check
bluesun: Song translation (Opening 3 and Ending 2)

Special thanks: shirt.js, Vgtw, Livole, JulesMFinWinnfield, Gyro

Pokémon TV does not get BD releases in Japan. But earlier this year, Viz Media released a BD set of the dub “Ultra Adventures” season. Of course, the dub makes a fair amount of changes to the footage, and this BD release in particular had some issues with the colors, but after extensive effort and dedication on Puto’s part, we were able to fix these color issues, and combine the dub footage with Japanese web footage for everything the dub cut or edited, resulting in what is likely the highest quality version of Sun & Moon we will ever have, unless Japan puts out their own BD release in the future. (Episode 64 is 100% web footage, as the English dub straight-up doesn’t have that episode.)

In addition to this, the subtitles have also received significant overhauls akin to what was done for our previous 27-52 batch. Specifically:

  • -Every episode has been given another check to fix various translation errors and improve the editing.
  • -The opening and ending song translations have all been either tweaked or redone from scratch.
  • -A whole bunch of inconsistencies in terminology, set phrases and other such things have been weeded out. Though as it stands some of this has introduced its own inconsistencies with the other episodes we have out, but what’s in this batch will be the standard going forward, and those other episodes will also eventually be updated to match.

Unless Japan decides to come out with their own BDs, or it turns out that we missed something MAJOR somewhere, this will be the final version of these episodes.

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    • We plan to release the early episodes we didn’t sub, but for now you’ll have to use PM Fansubs. There’s a link in the sidebar on the front page.

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