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Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 109


Lord Starfish: Translation, Typesetting, Quality Check

Puto: Encoding

BYH: Timing

10 thoughts on “Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon 109

    • I explained this on Discord immediately following the release of episode 108. “Shaymin” doesn’t actually make any sense, and this is far from the first case where we’ve disregarded the official spelling in favor of something that preserves the original pun better. “Foodin” being changed to “Houdin” is another good example of this. (Because the Pokémon in question is named after Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, and the official spelling didn’t even slightly preserve that.)

      • Truth be told it’s incredibly arrogant to think you have the right to replace official spelling with your own headcanon just because it’s a better reference/pun to something else.
        Not in the slightest bit a professional approach…

        Btw removing my comments only means you cannot stand the truth being thrown in your face :p

        • We’re a fansub group; we’re not beholden to any kind of “official” standards. We choose the names we think make most sense based on whatever evidence we have. A lot of the official spellings are nonsensical or just straight up wrong, so we aren’t going to use them just because. If you don’t like that, it’s extremely easy to use a program such as Aegisub to change the names and whatever else exactly to your liking. You can even release your own version with changed names on Nyaa if you really feel that strongly about it.

          • It shouldn’t matter that you’re a fansub group or that you feel like you don’t need to beholden to any sort of standards, the fact remains you’re actively mistranslating something and acting like your version is better because of your own arrogant reasoning.
            The “evidence” you have is irrelevant as well, especially in your Foodin to Houdin one given that it would hardly be appropriate to give a fictional creature in a multi-billion dollar franchise a direct name rather than one that was slightly changed for obvious reasons.
            Your idea that you wanna “preserve” the original pun is worthless.

            The worst part of you people is that now people have to constantly see that horrible fansub of “Xiemi” rather than the correct name but you don’t give a damn about it as long as your own egos are stroked and you can think “Yeah, we know better than those non-Japanese speaking weebs”.

          • We’ve made no assertion that our subs for Pokémon are the best version of the show. Like I already said, we discuss these things as a group and decide what we think makes most sense for how we handle any given name or terminology. I’m not sure how you got it in your head that we’re a group of egotistical, condescending assholes when all we’ve done is sub and release this show with very little social media presence to speak of. You’re projecting characteristics onto us to justify a false rhetoric that paints us as wanting to harm the community when the exact opposite is true. We do this for free so that the community has at least a competent sub of the show done in a timely manner. Before us there were only Google translated subs that were extremely inaccurate. Regardless, here’s our full reasoning for using Xiemi so that you can debate that rather than personally insult us:

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