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Pocket Monsters (2019) 002

Torrent (720p)
Torrent (1080p)

Lord Starfish: Translation, Typesetting, Timing

Puto: Editing, Encoding

Licca: Timing

Toa of Gallifrey: Quality Check

bluesun: Song Translation, Translation Check

The0x539: Typesetting

5 thoughts on “Pocket Monsters (2019) 002

  1. Hey I was just wondering what is the reason behind using the Japanese names for Pokémon attacks? Thanks for all your hard work.

    • The short of it is, throughout Sun & Moon there were SO many instances where us sticking to the official English names for every move resulted in some really awkward sentences (or puns not coming across, like the “Brave Bird VS God Bird” episode), so we decided at some point near the end that, okay, come the next series we’re ONLY using the official names if we feel they actually are an adequate translation. It’s honestly more consistent with how we do the Pokémon names anyway.

  2. Just wanted to drop in here and say I’m really grateful that you guys are still making subtitles for the pokemon anime. This is a free thing that you guys provide to us as a hobby and I’m personally very grateful for that. Keep it up guys. You rock! ^^

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