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Our Plans for Golden Wind 38 and 39

As many of you are probably aware by now, episodes 38 and 39 of Golden Wind are going to be slightly delayed. The two will be airing together on July 28th, three weeks after episode 37. As nothing like this has ever happened with Jojo before, I’d like to let you all know how we plan to handle the situation in advance to avoid confusion.

Our goal is to release both episodes separately within the span of a week. 38 will probably come out in the middle of the week, and 39 will follow a few days after. We’ll be working on both episodes concurrently, but we won’t be holding back 38. We think this makes most sense since the final two episodes probably aren’t any more connected than any of the previous episodes. Furthermore, this delay won’t affect our projected release of the Golden Wind blu-ray batch. Our plan is still to release that by the end of 2020. Unless we will be significantly delayed, we won’t be posting any updates on the batch progress in a formal capacity. We may offer some updates on our Discord server, but please don’t join the server just to ask about our progress. And finally, 36 should be coming out as normal within the next few days. Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “Our Plans for Golden Wind 38 and 39

      • Ah ok. Why would they do that? Is there some event or something that needs to take up the slot that Jojo’s has on TV?

        • Yes, another show is taking Golden Wind’s time slot on July 12; because of the three recap episodes, the airing schedule fell behind rather significantly.

  1. Just wanna say you guys do the best translations, and it’s worth the extra few day wait to watch a new JoJo episode. Great job!

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