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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 22


Gyro: Quality Check, Typesetting, Timing

Josh: Editing

Lord Starfish: Translation (Song), Translation Check

Special Thanks: Shirawara Bianka (Art)

6 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 22

  1. I was expecting the new opening, but I did not see the new ending coming. Speaking of which, any reason why you didn’t include the Latin lyrics in that song (the ones from the sampling of “Carmina Burana”)? Is it because you consider the chanting part of the background or something?

  2. Hey! Might be a weird question but may I ask why you guys translated 菜食主義 as vegetarian since they are talking about vegans? Is it a misunderstanding on the boys’ part? I’m learning Japanese myself and I tried to look up what it refers to and if I’m not mistaken it can refer to both vegetarians and vegans. I mean no disrespect and I love your translations and all the work you do, it just piqued my interest.

    • I actually looked into that myself while working on the episode, and what I found was that the word they were referring to DOES specifically refer to vegetarians, and that “vegan” is a different term. So from where I’m standing, either Araki himself used the wrong word, or he deliberately played up the inane-ness of the conversation by having them clearly not know what they were talking about at all.

      I mean I’m not saying it’s 100% impossible that 菜食主義 could in fact also be used to refer to vegans, just saying that from the research I personally did, this didn’t seem to be the case.

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