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Drifters Update

Hey guys, since Toni recently posted an update for the status of the Part 4 blu-rays, I thought I would post one for Drifters as well since people have been asking about it.

As we’ve mentioned before, Jojo will always be our main priority. I’m sure many of you have seen us release Pokémon episodes over the last few months, but those are being worked on by a completely different team. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of Drifters. In addition to timing, typesetting, and encoding Drifters, I also edit it. I do the same work on Jojo, only I QC rather than edit.

Back when we started Drifters, I had a lot more free time and wanted to pick it up as a side project since I really like the series, and still do. But now with more real life obligations, all of my free time for fansubbing has gone into Jojo. I’m sorry we haven’t finished the Drifters BDs, but know that at some point I fully intend to come back to it. It obviously won’t be anytime soon, but we definitely haven’t dropped it. Hopefully this clears things up, but please ask any questions you have if you aren’t sure of something.

3 thoughts on “Drifters Update

  1. It’s understandable. Personally, I haven’t seen anything yet because I started watching JoJo with your BDs and I want to stick to that, but I also watch the pokémon anime, so it’s all okay for me. I know it’s hard to find time to fansub when you have a job, a family or whatever, but as long as you haven’t dropped it, I will keep waiting. Thank you.

  2. I appreciate the update, please take your time; just glad to know it’s still in your future plans. I’ll continue patiently waiting (still haven’t watched episode 12 to say nothing of 13 & 14). Keep on being awesome!

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